Commercial interior design concerns the development of rooms for business purposes and you may not realise it, but there’s a lot of thought that goes into how best to optimize the workspace. It’s an exciting time for commercial design. New themes are taking shape and are gearing up to improve productivity, health and happiness within the workplace. Have a look at these interior design trends that’s in store for the year ahead!


Cool and cold colours are officially on their way out, with hot, fire colors being the color palette of choice. Don’t be afraid to opt for warm, earthy colors such as terracotta, nor the bright and bold red, yellow and orange colors. Bright splashes of color are welcoming and can promote positivity and confidence in commercial interiors.


Be at one with nature at work! The colour green symbolises new beginnings and regrowth and branching out to extra greenery in the office through plants and plant pots will bring extra O2 to the workplace. Plants improve the air quality and absorb noise, which is beneficial for workplace acoustics and commercial interiors. Even commercial art such as plant images can contribute to the greenery theme. Green is also known as being a ‘calming’ colour, so why not bring that extra dose of calming rays to your commercial architecture?


In the commercial space, eco-friendly commercial designs that are recycled (or able to be recycled) are an absolute hit. They are frugal and carry the lowest environmental implant. Instead of using plastic, corporate design interiors should look to be using products and materials such as glass, wood, bamboo, cork, eco-friendly wallpaper and hemp for fabric.  


Commercial carpet tiles are another interior design trend to jump on the bandwagon this year. As they are practical, hard-wearing and soft, carpet tiles are natural sound absorbers and go a long way in improving a room’s acoustic environment - perfect for noisy workplaces! Acoustics are a really crucial element of commercial interior design, with privacy booths, acoustic panels, acoustic underlay, acoustic baffles and acoustic wall tiles also being an option.


We all know that lighting plays a huge role in the mood and ambience of rooms. For 2018 and beyond, we are looking at commercial interior LED lighting! They are mood-altering, brighter and cheaper to run - it would be daft not to implement this as part of your commercial interior design. You can use LED technology for decisive lighting placement and to accent hard to light areas of the office. If you’re looking to really spice up the workplace lighting, colour wash LEDs allow you to match the interior lighting to your business’ brand colours.

Considering these new commercial design trends will put you on bang on trend for 2018 and beyond. Are you wanting to incorporate commercial carpet tiles as part of your new commercial interior design? Check out Carpet Tiles Next Day for professional carpet tiles and commercial design services to elevate your office to new heights.


Decor Delights! My top 10 Home Decor Picks

In my years as an Interior Designer, I have come across some absolutely gorgeous must-haves for home decor. These products are timeless, classic, elegant, and truly make a statement. If you want to own a piece of decor that will make your guests jelly, these are my go to's!

My Top 10 Home Decor Picks

1. Gold Cone Neck LED Table Lamp.  Elegant, simple, and stately.$140.99- click image to shop! 

2. Pair of Peek a Boo Bookends. Talk about the perfect conversation piece! $58.99 Click Image to Shop..

3. Brackenhead Mirror. This timeless piece is sure to stay in your family for years to come. $250.99 Click Image to Shop.

4. Capri Chest. What an absolutely beautiful piece for an entryway or bedroom! This is a must have. $998.99 (half off!) Click image to shop.

5. Industrial Tripod Candle Holder- $64.99. A few of these would be the perfect statement piece in any room in the house! Click image to shop.

6. Vaughn Corner Settee- $658.99. I recently put this piece in a client's foyer- she says she has never gotten more compliments on furniture in her life! Click image to shop. 

7. Five light polished silver chandelier- $592.99. This beautiful chandelier would look good in any room in the house, even the bathroom! Click the image to shop.

8. Kimberly Branch Coat Hanger- $158.99. Rustic at its best, this will add a little whimsy to your entryway. Click image to shop!

9. Blackinton Mid-Century Ottoman In Dark Cherry And Black-$460.99. Click image to shop!

10. Coral Prints on Linen. Set of 4 $198.99. Click Image to Shop!

Bring in the Spring! My Favorite Wardrobe and Home Finds!


I love this time of year. I just got back from the perfect weekend with friends, frolicking on the beach, barbecuing, and eating excessive (yet hopefully forgivable) calories. It's hard to believe I have to get back to the grind tomorrow after that fun weekend!

With the feelings of Spring in my mind, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite Spring picks for both your wardrobe and your home! CLICK THE IMAGES TO BE TAKEN TO THEIR SITES ;)

Here Are My Top 10 Spring Finds Under $20!

1. Surreal Time Clock

There is something so fun about bringing a little whimsy into your space. This clock, reminiscent of Dali's genius works is sure to be a conversation starter. I think this would make the perfect gift! 

2. Beautiful Balance Vase

Bring the blossoming outdoors in with this adorable vase. This has got me thinking- I wonder how hard it would be to DIY this concept! It runs just under $20!

3. Sleek Silhouette Scarf Hanger


As we are starting to retire the fuzzy scarfs and replace our wardrobe with bright, springy, festive ones- this is the perfect scarf organizer- it is cute, fun, and organized!

4. Butterfly Wall Decals

These are about as Springy as it gets! Brighten your space with these whimsical butterflies. The best part about them: they are under $3 for a whole pack!

5. Temporary Chalkboard Wall! Perfect for Apartment Living

Have you always wanted to try chalkboard paint but are weary of the outcome? Well, this is the perfect alternative! It is adhesive and you cut it to fit your wall size perfectly. It goes on easy, comes off easy. Bonus: It's under $10!

6. The Perfect Spring Dress

This dress is so perfect for breezy afternoons. I love how soft the fabric is, and it fits all body types! It is under $7! 

7. Pretty in Pink Tote Set

Every girl deserves to have a pretty tote set. This four-piece set is under $20! It is a must have for Spring/Summer. It's perfect for overnight trips, a night on the town, or for when you just want a small clutch to take with you.

8. Geneva Luxury Floral Watch

I recently purchased this watch and it is adorbs. I love the design, it's the perfect size. And-- it's under $4!

9. Bow-Embellished Blouse

This is my favorite blouse. I get a lot of compliments. It's really soft and comfortable! The bow-back embellishment is adorable. It is on sale right now for under $10! 

9. Pretty in Pearls Collar Necklace

I found this gem for under $4! It has high ratings from customers- and it is beautiful. What a great way to bring some Spring into your wardrobe with an elegant touch.

10. Sunshine Pumps

I was so excited to find these shoes. I have been seeking a pair of yellow heels to complete my Spring wardrobe! These carry a vintage flair reminiscent of a simpler time. I can't wait til they come!

GET THESE LOOKS! My Favorite Looks and Where to Get Them

I always notice when someone I come across has an outfit that looks so unfussy, yet so put together. I've always struggled to get the perfect outfit pulled together, so I did my research to take the guess work out of looking great! Here are my favorite looks and where to get them!

CLASSIC ELEGANCE. Click the image purchase the items below!

THE WAY SHE WEARS IT. Click the image purchase the items below!

CLASSIC MASCULINE. Click the image purchase the items below!

URBAN CHIC. Click the image purchase the items below!

BOHO FALL CASUAL. Click the image purchase the items below!

I Do! Absolutely Stunning Wedding Gowns Under $200!

Well, I haven't personally said those infamous words yet. But, someday!!! :)

Beautiful WEdding pHoto


In one of my Pinterest hazes, I came across some absolutely gorgeous wedding gowns. And if you know me, you know I really appreciate finding a diamond in the rough- especially when it is an unbelievably great deal! Have a beautiful wedding day, gorgeous dress, and some extra cash for margaritas on your honey-moon. It's a win-win!

Here Are My Top Ten Wedding Gown Finds Under $200! That's right, UNDER $200!


1. Noble V-Neck Elegant Vintage Design. $171.69

2. Fashion Sweetheart Design. $167.01

3. Vintage V-Neck with Beaded Embellishment. $171.69

4. Strapless, Beaded with Lace. $177.40

5. Strapless Embellished with Rhinestones and Lace. 

6. Elegant Strapless Mermaid Style. $167.01

6. Jacquard Cathedral Train Dress. $181.55

7. Corset Ruche Cathedral Dress. 171.16

8. Sweetheart Neck Embroidered. $176.36

9. Haute Couture Feather Dress. $195.05

10. Sweet Strapless Sequined. $171.69

Hot Fall Fashions for Under 10 Bucks!

I am all about finding the best deals. Lately, with the fall weather lurking, it has inspired me to want to find the cutest cozy sweaters, casual dresses, pants and scarves. I can't believe I found these little gems online! Check them out!

1. Boho Scarf- Under $7 bucks!

Fashion Forward Picks: My Top 15 Internet Finds!

I love that vintage fashion has been making a comeback. There is something so elegant about clean lines, embellished details, and classic patterns. I have always envied the people around me who appear so put-together, so "fusslessly."

Classic Fashion

As the seasons are changing, I feel inspired to post about some of my favorite online discoveries-- fashion forward, of course!  The best part about these is that they are affordable (but  look like they cost a small fortune!) Here are my Top 15 Picks.


1. Party Starter Dress. There is nothing more classic than polka dots and clean lines. Click the image for more details.

2. Care to Dance? Shoes. These take your classic saddle shoe to a whole new level. Click the image for more details.

3. Drama Club President Blouse in Mustard. Hepburn meets Pan Am. 

4. Camp Director Tote.  Clean lines. Timeless color. Laptop bag, maybe? Click the image for more details.

5. Hepcat Dress. There are no words to describe the joy this dress brings me. Click the image for more details.

6. Corner Coffee Shop Cardigan. Pure loveliness. Click the image for more details.

7. Proudly Posh Heel.  Anything peacock. Enough said. Click the image for more details.

8. Seams Like I Love It Tights. Classic seamed tights with an embellishment to love.Click the image for more details.

9. Me and Unique Top. The versatility of this blouse makes it a must-have, in my book. Click the image for more details.

10. Frolic in Fresno Flat. The perfect every day shoe. Click the image for more details.

11. Tabby Go Lucky Scarf. Everyone should own one right meow. Click the image for more details.

12. Academia Ahoy Blazer. There is nothing more classic than nautical style. Click the image for more details.

13. Pearls Just Wanna Have Fun Necklace. Get the fabulous antique look without scouring the flea market. Click the image for more details.

14. New Slack Swing Pants. The perfect tailored look. Click the image for more details.

15. Trolley Holiday Flat in Chestnut. A new twist on an old look. Click the image for more details.


We all have it. That random pile of magazines lying around, creating clutter in our space. We are apprehensive about throwing them away; we might want to read them a second time, right? Well, we almost never do. So, what can we do with them? Do we toss them into the recycling bin? Or, can we recycle them in a more creative way? I choose the latter. Here are five crafty activities we can do with our old mags.

1. Old Magazine Foot Stool. Making one of these will allow you to keep those magazines you’re afraid to part with, while giving them a second chance at life. All you need is a serving tray, a stack of old mags, and a small throw pillow. Belt those babies together, and viola!  Not too shabby!

DIY Magaine Stool

2. Gorgeous framed mirror. All this little craft takes is your clutter, some scissors, and an old framed mirror or picture frame! Cut the magazine into strips, roll them up and glue them down. I love this!

Magazine Mirror

3. Magazine Envelopes. All you need are some plain envelopes, scissors, magazines, and glue. Gently un-glue and unfold the envelope until you get a square piece of paper. Glue that piece of paper to a page in a magazine, then cut around it. Re-assemble the envelope, and you got yourself the world’s best stationary! Write to an old friend!

Magazine Envelopes

4. Magazine Butterfly Chain. This DIY is as easy as they come! Simply cut your magazine into almond shapes. Then fold back and forth (like a fan) lengthwise. Pinch it in the middle and tie. Do small ones, and large ones (for the large wings and small wings) and tie them together. Then place on some twine, and hang. What a great party idea!

Magazine Butterfly Chain

5. Magazine Waste Basket. This is perfect for a rainy day! Put on your favorite movie, and start snipping away. Once you have made strips, simply roll them up, and glue them into the shape of a waste basket. I love this!

Magazine Basket


I’ll never forget a former design client I was working with who was determined to place some shipping containers on his tenth floor penthouse roof to make extra rooms for himself. I remember thinking he must be crazy! Why on earth would he want this? Well, in doing my research, I came across an entire shipping container culture. Many people are building homes and commercial properties with these simple, rectangular boxes. So today, I am going to share some of my favorite shipping container architecture!

Here are my top five picks of shipping container buildings across the world:

1. Shipping Container Guest House. San Antonio, Texas. How cool would it be to spend a weekend with these folks? Your very own shipping container guest house? You could check that one off your bucket list. This little gem has its own bathroom, tons of windows, and a sleek, contemporary design.

Tiny Texas Home

2. Shipping Container City. Cholula, Mexico. This shipping container shopping center features restaurants and bars, galleries, residences, and stores! It is painted colorfully, and has an eclectic spunk to it. There are lounge areas with ping-pong tables and places to relax. On weekends there are live bands that showcase in the common areas as well!

Container City

3. Shipping Container Holiday House. New Zealand. This vacation home was designed to close into a perfectly sealed box. When in use, the walls come down, and there are pull-out beds, a patio, and windows in tact!

Ship House

4. Oceanscope Scenic Observatory, Songdo New City, Incheon, South Korea. These containers were placed at fixed angles, providing different views of one of the most popular harbors in the city. This architectural delight attracts tourists from all over the world.

SHipping Container House.jpg

 5. Multi-Container House, Redondo Beach, California.This beachfront property is built with eight fabricated shipping containers. One of the coolest attributes to this home, is that one of the containers was converted into a swimming pool!

Gorgeous Shipping COntainer House


We all aspire to live the dream.  We go about our daily lives, keeping up with the Jones’, in a constant state of redundancy.  We live in our commonplace homes, with right angles and two-by-fours.  We desire constancy, and prefer predictability.  Or do we?  There are a handful of people who have decided against the norm.  At least when it comes to their living quarters, that is. They prefer to live in spaces that are uniquely theirs.  Here are my favorite three awesomely unique houses:

1. House NA, Japan.

House NA Japan

The House NA, designed by architect, Suo Fujimoto, is made almost entirely of glass.  His whole idea behind this concept was to experiment with what defines a house.  He is known for his designs with letting in light, and took his niche to a whole new level!

2. Bubble House. Tourrettes-sur-Loup, France.

Bubble House

This crazy looking house is still a work in progress, even after 35 years! It has become a historic monument, designed by Hungarian architect, Antti Lovag.  He built this house full of windows facing the volcanic Côte d’Azur landscape and the beautiful Mediterranean.

3. Space House. Signal Mountain, Tennessee.

Space House

This space-age style home is tucked away in the hills of Tennessee.  Built by architect, Curtis King and his sons in the 1970′s, inspired by the science fiction movement of its time.  It is currently up for sale, with the owner stating that the price is, “whatever the public is willing to pay.”


When I was brainstorming a DIY topic for today, I stumbled across some awesome crafty things you can do with your leftover wine corks. These ideas are easy, fun, and useful, while adding character to your home!

DIY Party: 5 Corky Crafts!

1. Cork Coasters. When paired with a bottle of great wine, these make the perfect gift! Simply assemble the corks into a pattern, and glue (a hot glue gun works best). Wrap in pretty ribbon, and viola! A gift from the heart.

Cork Coasters DIY

2. Corky Letter Wall Art. Using quick dry tacky glue, place your cork onto a cut-out of your desired letter. Once it dries, place in an antique frame (spray-painted white), and assemble on your wall. Shabby chic decor!

Corky Letter Art

3. Cork Key Chain. All you need are looped-screws and key chain rings, and you’ve got yourself some great stocking stuffers!

DIY Cork Keychain

4. Cork Place Holders. This little DIY is as easy as it gets, and will have your guests amused at your creativity. Simply cut the cork on one end (lengthwise) to give it a flat bottom, and score the other side for the name card. Using high-quality craft paper will give it a nice touch!

Placecard Cork.png

5. Wine Cork Bath Mat.  This craft takes a lot of corks, but will really give your bathroom space great character! Because cork naturally repels liquid, it dries easy while providing a cushion for your feet. Simply glue your corks together with tacky glue, let dry, and enjoy!

Cork Mat.jpg

Blast from the Past: 80's Nostalgia!

Last night, a group of friends and I got on a Youtube kick, watching Stephanie Tanner from the hit 80's show "Full House," and her amazing dance routines! I remember as a kid, thinking she was the cat's pajamas. I seriously idolized her-- watching these videos was so truly nostalgic of my childhood.


Seeing these sparked an interest in 80's nostalgia for the group of us, which led us to watching hours of 80's commercials. It is amazing how times have changed. This morning, I thought it was only necessary to continue rediscovering the great memories of my adolescence. 

Here are my top 20 80's nostalgia picks (in no particular order):

1. Popples! Who wouldn't wanna roll around in that basket? I mean really.

2. Teeny Little Super Guy. The best part of Sesame Street!

3. Pound Puppies. Came with an adoption certificate!

Pound Puppies.jpg

4. Squeez-it! Only the lucky ones had this in their lunchbox.

5. L.A. Gear. The more socks and laces you had, the more popular you would be.

L.A. Gear

6. Viewmaster. The perfect 3d escape!


7. Dancing Flower. I so proudy presented this in my bedroom decor!

Dancing Flower

8. Refillable Pencils. Worthless if you lost one of the lead refills!

Refillable Pencils

9. Cabbage Patch Kids. An 80's kid must-have. I remember writing on my sister's CPD's head when I was mad at her in permanent marker. haha!

Cabbage PatchKids.jpg

10. Lite Brite! Hours of fun. I might just have to get one of these for myself now.

Lite Brite!

11. Gloworm. The cuddliest night light.


12. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day. "I went to bed with gum in my mouth and now there's gum in my hair."

Alexander and the....jpg

13. Be Kind Please Rewind. The sticker future generations won't understand.

Be Kind

14. Speak and Spell. 80's Ipad.

Speak and Spell!

15. McDonald's Packaging. Before being "green" was "in."

McDonalds 80s

16. Iron Kids Bread. "The taste is really the best!"

Iron Kids Bread

17. Fashion! I'm pretty sure I had the outfit in the middle. 

80s fashion.jpg

18. 80's M&M's. Anyone else wonder what happened to the tan one?

M&Ms 80s

19. Rainbow Brite everything. This would have been my dream room.

Rainbow Brite.jpg

20. Kid Pix. Where my interior design passion began. On our Commodore-64 computer, I would design entire houses with this program! Who woulda thunk I'd end up as an Interior Designer now!

Kid Pix

As an ADDED BONUS--- I thought it was only appropriate to give you a glimse of my 80's mullet. Yes, people... I had a mullet. Thanks mom and dad! 

Andie Mullet.jpg

Beat the Heat: Clever Cool Down Tricks You'll Love!

It's that time of year again! Woo-ee! It is hot! It definitely doesn't help that the free-ons in my car decided to die, so I get to drive to and from work in a 100 plus degree car-- go figure!

On that note, I thought it only made sense to write about some clever cool-down tricks I have found and tried- only to realize they are fantastic!

Here are my Top Six Summer Cool Down Tricks:

1. Frozen Grape Ice Cubes. I love a refreshing glass of white wine in the summertime- and what a wonderful way to keep it cool! The best part- you get a treat at the end, and some vitamins too!

Frozen Grapes as Ice Cubes

2. Aloe Vera Ice Cubes. Living in Seattle, I tend to worship any Vitamin D I can get! The unfortunate part is that this usually leads to sunburn. This has been a hack I have used for years- I love the cooling effect, while it's helping my skin to heal!

Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

3. Homemade Air Conditioner. Yes! It works! Just a styrofoam cooler, some cutouts, pipe and a fan. Viola!

Homemade AC

4. Homemade Sprinkler. This is one of the easiest, but fun hacks I have tried on a hot day. It is perfect for when you are basking in the sun and need a quick cool-me-down!

Homemade Sprinkler

5. Noodle Sprinkler. Nuff Said!

Noodle Sprinkler.jpg

6. Freezer Pillows. Just take your favorite pillow and freeze it for 15 minutes before you hit the hay. Cooling your head down will cool down the rest of your body. Nighty night!

Pillow Freezer


There is something so beautiful about beach inspired decor. While I have not ever personally indulged in this style, I have a true love for it. Maybe in my next place! Here are my top seven beachy inspired spaces!

1. Pelican Focal Point.


2. Fresh and Bright.


3. Coastal Kitchen.


4. Bathroom Bliss.

bathroom bliss.jpg

5. Sunny Chic.


6. Beach Smart.

beachy study.jpg

7. Coastal Nursery.



One of my favorite past-times is to just get in the car and go, with no plans, no direction, and only the anticipation of what the day may bring forth. One of my favorite discoveries during one of these spontaneous road trips was the little town of La Conner, Washington.


This old mill town, established during the Victorian era, sits quietly on a canal, with tree lined streets full of beautiful old houses that appear to have remained the same since their birth in the late 1800′s. I have always had a fascination with the Victorian time period, so naturally, being in this little time warped town had me frolicking around like a kid in a candy store.


La Conner has a population of around 1000, and the town itself only covers a span of about a mile. It is easy to park your car and see the entire town on foot within less than an hour. There are cafes and shops, and many quaint little restaurants on the canal.


Located West of I-5, about 40 minutes North of Seattle, the drive to La Conner is as gorgeous and scenic as it gets. In the Spring, you wind through miles of colorful tulip fields, and old farmhouses with authentic, rustic barns. In the fall, you see pumpkin patches, surrounded by orange and red leaves covering the tree-lined rolling hills.


One of my favorite discoveries in La Conner was a place called Nasty Jack’s Antiques. This little diamond in the rough is full of old collectibles, furniture, clothes, and magazines. Since I was already feeling like I had taken a time machine back to the Victorian era, I found it suitable to wander through many rooms full of Victorian items.


Far in the back, there was an old hutch full of old magazines, dating back to the 1800′s. “The Ladies Home Journal,” a popular women’s magazine (still today), was fascinating to flip through and read. Especially the advertisements for fashion and household products in the 1800′s.


I found and purchased old  ”Life” and “Family Circle” Magazines from each member of my family’s birth month and year. These magazines have been great conversation pieces at birthdays and have made great gifts.  Within them, there are ads for popular products and interiors. It amazes me how many of the fashion and interior design styles are back in full circle.


One little known fact about La Conner is that Tom Robbins, author of many award winning novels, including “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues,”  which was later made into a movie, currently resides there. His house is distinctly different from all of the traditional Victorian homes. He re-faced an old San Francisco Palladian style Victorian into something more quirky and playful like himself.


A typical home in La Conner- beautiful Victorian.


Tom Robbin's Playful Exterior.

There are many reasons to see La Conner, Washington. These are just a few of my favorite memories there. If you ever get the itch to step back in time, this would be a great place to try. You will feel the overwhelming historical energy, as though you’ve been there before.


Our living room is one of the busiest parts of our home. It is an area used for entertaining, watching our favorite movies, and chatting about the day’s events. This room typically has the most seating, from sofas, to armchairs, to ottomans. We like our living room to be welcoming, warm, and most importantly, comfortable.


One of the biggest design dilemmas that we face when choosing how to decorate our living room is figuring out a plan. It is difficult to decide on paint color, furniture, and accessories, while maintaining function and aesthetics. We thought it would be helpful to give you some tips on how to make these choices, and show you some of our living room inspirations, as well.


Choosing Paint Color

Choosing a paint color for your living room can be difficult. It is overwhelming- the amount of paint colors that are out there, nowadays. So, here are some rules of thumb when it comes to choosing paint color:

1. Size of your room. If you are trying to make your room appear larger, stick to lighter, brighter colors. If you are trying to make a large room feel more cozy, darker colors are the answer.


2. Natural light. If your living area is in direct sunlight, you are best off painting it with more saturated colors. The natural brightness of the sun can have a dulling affect on paint visually; bold colors can withstand this, and make their statement. However, a simple, clean white paint can really emphasize the sunniness of the room, if that is what you are going for.


If your living room area is away from natural light, you will want to stick with neutral, light colors. This will make the room feel brighter. Dark colors typically are placed as accent walls, or in rooms where a cozy feel is desired.


3. Warm vs. Cool tones. Do you like your living room to feel warm and cozy? Or, perhaps you like a clean, fresh feeling living room. This is where color choice can play a large role, as well. Warm toned colors, such as red and orange will give your room a well, warm feeling. Cool tones, such as blues and greens, tend to give your room a fresh, cool feeling.


Choosing Furniture

When it comes to choosing the furnishings you will put in your living room, there are two very important factors to consider:

1. Size of the Room. How large or small your living room is, can play a large role in choosing your furnishings. It is important to consider scale. If you are furnishing a room with 20′ ceilings and an open floor plan, you may want to consider larger scale furnishings to fill the space, while emphasizing the grandiosity of the architecture. If your living room area is smaller, closed off (more traditional layout), you will want to choose furnishings that fit the space, while maintaining flow.


2. Function of Your Room. Do you like to entertain? Do you have family movie night in your living room? How many household members are there? Do you have small children who keep their toys in this room? It is the function of your living room space that is an important factor to consider when choosing furniture. A large comfy sofa with a chaise would work for a family with children. A modern, sleek sofa would be ideal for a single professional.


3. Storage. Do you need storage? It is important to consider storage when purchasing living room furniture as well. Would a coffee table that doubles as a storage trunk be ideal for your space, or a simple, lightweight ottoman instead?


Choosing Decor

Once you have figured out the paint and furnishings, it is time to consider the best part: the decor. People are always amazed at the impact the little things can make on a room. From throw pillows to accessories, it is the decor that can pull all of the other factors together.


Here are some key things to consider when choosing your decorative items:

1. Color Palette. A very common misconception people have when decorating their homes, is that everything must match perfectly. Actually, there is some truth in this; but not fully. It is often key to integrate the colors of your paint and furnishings into your throw pillows and rugs. But, did you know that you can integrate those colors in different saturation, lightness and darkness, even hue, and still have it look gorgeous?


Complementary colors (colors opposite from each other on the color wheel) work best when choosing a color palette. If your walls have a blue tint for example, some orange-toned items in your room would flow nicely.


2. Pattern. It used to be trendy to match your sofa to your drapes, to your pillows, and so on. This is no longer the case (thank goodness)! Having a mixture of pattern in your space can allow for many secondary focal points, and bring harmony to the design. When choosing patterns, it is important to consider where you are placing it.

If you have a large scale, repeating pattern, it may look to busy on your sofa, leaving the mind restless. Large scale, and brighter colored patterns work best as throw pillows and rugs (unless you are trying to make that piece of furniture your focal point).


Small scale repeating patterns work well on furniture and window treatments.

Theme. You don’t necessarily need to have a theme to your room, but having a general style is always going to bring some cohesiveness to it. If you prefer very ornate, traditional style furnishings, it is probably safe to stick with that look. If you prefer more of a modern, streamlined look, you can go with that, and have it work together. But, most of us prefer an eclectic mix of both traditional and contemporary. This style is called, “transitional.”


OLD HOLLYWOOD: Stars in Candid Form

Okay, I will admit it. I sometimes find myself reading the latest, "US Weekly," or "People" magazine when in line at the grocery store. How they end up in my basket is beyond me!

Yesterday, I watched a documentary about Marilyn Monroe that was filled with old photos of her in candid form. This got me wondering what other stars from this era were like in their daily lives? So, I did my research and found my favorites.


Here Are My Top Ten Old Hollywood Candid Photos:

1. Betty Page.


2. Ella Fitzgerald and Marilyn Monroe.


3. Judy Garland.


4. Jackie Onassis.


5. Ingrid Bergman.


6. Lucille Ball.


7. Sophia Loren.


8. Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean.


9. Audrey Hepburn.


10. Patsy Cline.


LET'S EAT! My Favorite Recipe Infographics

I have always had a love for the culinary arts- the anticipation and excitement that goes into the perfect meal is enough to make my day, or I should say week, when it turns out fabulous!  Here are my favorite recipes, placed into infographics-- perfect for the visually inclined, like myself!

1. Greek Tzaziki.


2. Bisquick Finger Lickin' Chicken.

bisquick chicken.jpg

3. Chicken Broccoli Pockets.

chicken broccoli pocket recipe.jpg

4. Perfect Ginger Bread Cookies.

gingerbread cookies.jpg

5. Cinnamon Rolls.

cinnamon rolls.jpg

DESIGN YOUR LIFE: Soothing Bedroom Designs

There is nothing more refreshing than waking up in a clean, crisp, beautifully designed room. Here are my top ten favorite soothing rooms- ones that anyone would adore morning and night.

1. Industrial Calm.

Industrial Calm.jpg

2. Blue and White Classic.

Blue and White Classic.jpg

3. Glisten and Sparkle.

Sparkly Airy.jpg

4. Rustic Cabin.

Rustic Cabin.jpg

5. Princess Ballerina.

Princess Ballerina.jpg

6. Coastal.


7. Fresh and Colorful.

Fresh and Colorful.jpg

8. Boho Beauty

Boho Beauty.jpg

9. Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic.jpg

10. Contemporary Classic.

Contemporary Class.jpg