When we go out to eat, we usually anticipate being comfortably seated in a warmly designed space filled with booths, chairs, and tables, while being served a meal we wouldn’t otherwise have the time or patience to cook for ourselves at home. It is not very often that going out to eat is a deeply memorable experience, but we can guarantee you that if you had your Filet Mignon at one of these restaurants, you would never forget it!

Design Craze: Top 7 Unusual Restaurants

1. W’Duck Toilet Restuarant, Portugal. Who needs conventional chairs and napkins, when you can dine on a toilet and wipe your face with toilet paper? This little restaurant located in a small port town in Portugal, is a tourist attraction, to say the least. With a Mediterranean inspired menu, the food has received surprisingly good reviews!


Image Source: Ifitshipitshere, Online.

2. O’Noir Restaurant. Montreal, Canada. Hence it’s name, what you see in this establishment is, well, black. Their theme is about dining in complete darkness so to enjoy the flavors of the food. This is the perfect place to have a blind date!


Image Source: Travel Spotcoolstuff, Online.

3. Mountain Bahenec Wellness Hotel, Czech Republic. It is definitely best to consider who you are going to attend this outing with. Hanging out in close proximity to your fellow diners in tubs full of beer-infused bath water, while enjoying a top-of-the-line beer should be a relaxing time, indeed! Did we mention you have your own tap?


Image Source: The Wonderous, Online.

4. Disaster Cafe.  Lloret de Mar, Spain. Though one of our greatest fears is an earthquake, the diners at this restaurant actually pay to experience one while they enjoy their meal. And not just a small one, either. Every diner experiences a (simulated) 7.8 level quake at some point while dining on a variety of different culinary cuisine. A word of advice: don’t wear your nicest attire; it is said that many drinks are spilled here.


Image Source: Republica Blog, Online.

5. Kayabukiya Tavern. Utsunomiya, Japan. The owners of this restaurant were sick of the turnover that comes with service staff in the restaurant industry. So, they trained monkeys instead. In between delivering your food, their monkeys jump around, sit on your head, and twirl in circles playfully. Live entertainment at its best! Watch the video:

Video Source: Youtube, Online.

6. Hajime Restaurant. Bangkok, Thailand. The menu of this restaurant specializing in Japanese delicacies, has a twist. Your meal will be brought to you by robots. That’s right, robots! The owner, Lapassarad Thanaphant invested over a million dollars making her dream a reality. As if being served by robots wasn’t enough, they dance for your entertainment as well!


Image Source: Koolgrub, Online.

7. ‘S Baggers. Nurnberg, Germany. This restaurant is definitely innovative, to say the least. Diners are instructed to order their meals on touch screen computers provided at their table. Once prepared, they are send down a roller-coaster type device from the kitchen above to your table top!