We have been seeing photo-print fabrics on the Runway, but they are becoming increasingly popular in Interior Design. There is something so vibrant and interesting about seeing a photograph on a material, able to bend and move while maintaining its stillness. So, how can we apply this trend in our space?

Here Are Our Top 5 Computer Generated Finishes in Interior Design:

1. Wallpaper. There are many new photo-realistic wallpaper patterns on the market now, some which can be used to make a space appear larger or for a focal point. You don’t suppose the Greeks and Romans were onto something when the Trompe d’oeil was the interior fashion trend?


Image Source: Nicedecors, Online.

2. Furniture Upholstery. With today’s technology, you can display your favorite image on your furniture. Talk about making a statement!


Image Source: Fresh Home, Online.

3. Flooring. It has become a popular trend mostly in commercial design to put a Google Earth image on your floor. What an appropriate place for it, pictured here, at an airport!


Image Source: GizMag, Online.

4. Curtains. There really are no limitations as to where you can put digital images, as long as they are placed on something flat, and tangible. More importantly, there are no limits as to what you can have printed!


Image Source: Meat Artists, Online.

5. Pillows. Probably the most common photo-image printed items that are trending right now are throw pillows. You can find almost anything printed now, so the design sky is the limit! Here are some of Pure Home’s picks: