DESIGN YOUR LIFE: Soothing Bedroom Designs

There is nothing more refreshing than waking up in a clean, crisp, beautifully designed room. Here are my top ten favorite soothing rooms- ones that anyone would adore morning and night.

1. Industrial Calm.

Industrial Calm.jpg

2. Blue and White Classic.

Blue and White Classic.jpg

3. Glisten and Sparkle.

Sparkly Airy.jpg

4. Rustic Cabin.

Rustic Cabin.jpg

5. Princess Ballerina.

Princess Ballerina.jpg

6. Coastal.


7. Fresh and Colorful.

Fresh and Colorful.jpg

8. Boho Beauty

Boho Beauty.jpg

9. Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic.jpg

10. Contemporary Classic.

Contemporary Class.jpg