Beat the Heat: Clever Cool Down Tricks You'll Love!

It's that time of year again! Woo-ee! It is hot! It definitely doesn't help that the free-ons in my car decided to die, so I get to drive to and from work in a 100 plus degree car-- go figure!

On that note, I thought it only made sense to write about some clever cool-down tricks I have found and tried- only to realize they are fantastic!

Here are my Top Six Summer Cool Down Tricks:

1. Frozen Grape Ice Cubes. I love a refreshing glass of white wine in the summertime- and what a wonderful way to keep it cool! The best part- you get a treat at the end, and some vitamins too!

Frozen Grapes as Ice Cubes

2. Aloe Vera Ice Cubes. Living in Seattle, I tend to worship any Vitamin D I can get! The unfortunate part is that this usually leads to sunburn. This has been a hack I have used for years- I love the cooling effect, while it's helping my skin to heal!

Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

3. Homemade Air Conditioner. Yes! It works! Just a styrofoam cooler, some cutouts, pipe and a fan. Viola!

Homemade AC

4. Homemade Sprinkler. This is one of the easiest, but fun hacks I have tried on a hot day. It is perfect for when you are basking in the sun and need a quick cool-me-down!

Homemade Sprinkler

5. Noodle Sprinkler. Nuff Said!

Noodle Sprinkler.jpg

6. Freezer Pillows. Just take your favorite pillow and freeze it for 15 minutes before you hit the hay. Cooling your head down will cool down the rest of your body. Nighty night!

Pillow Freezer