We all have it. That random pile of magazines lying around, creating clutter in our space. We are apprehensive about throwing them away; we might want to read them a second time, right? Well, we almost never do. So, what can we do with them? Do we toss them into the recycling bin? Or, can we recycle them in a more creative way? I choose the latter. Here are five crafty activities we can do with our old mags.

1. Old Magazine Foot Stool. Making one of these will allow you to keep those magazines you’re afraid to part with, while giving them a second chance at life. All you need is a serving tray, a stack of old mags, and a small throw pillow. Belt those babies together, and viola!  Not too shabby!

DIY Magaine Stool

2. Gorgeous framed mirror. All this little craft takes is your clutter, some scissors, and an old framed mirror or picture frame! Cut the magazine into strips, roll them up and glue them down. I love this!

Magazine Mirror

3. Magazine Envelopes. All you need are some plain envelopes, scissors, magazines, and glue. Gently un-glue and unfold the envelope until you get a square piece of paper. Glue that piece of paper to a page in a magazine, then cut around it. Re-assemble the envelope, and you got yourself the world’s best stationary! Write to an old friend!

Magazine Envelopes

4. Magazine Butterfly Chain. This DIY is as easy as they come! Simply cut your magazine into almond shapes. Then fold back and forth (like a fan) lengthwise. Pinch it in the middle and tie. Do small ones, and large ones (for the large wings and small wings) and tie them together. Then place on some twine, and hang. What a great party idea!

Magazine Butterfly Chain

5. Magazine Waste Basket. This is perfect for a rainy day! Put on your favorite movie, and start snipping away. Once you have made strips, simply roll them up, and glue them into the shape of a waste basket. I love this!

Magazine Basket