We all aspire to live the dream.  We go about our daily lives, keeping up with the Jones’, in a constant state of redundancy.  We live in our commonplace homes, with right angles and two-by-fours.  We desire constancy, and prefer predictability.  Or do we?  There are a handful of people who have decided against the norm.  At least when it comes to their living quarters, that is. They prefer to live in spaces that are uniquely theirs.  Here are my favorite three awesomely unique houses:

1. House NA, Japan.

House NA Japan

The House NA, designed by architect, Suo Fujimoto, is made almost entirely of glass.  His whole idea behind this concept was to experiment with what defines a house.  He is known for his designs with letting in light, and took his niche to a whole new level!

2. Bubble House. Tourrettes-sur-Loup, France.

Bubble House

This crazy looking house is still a work in progress, even after 35 years! It has become a historic monument, designed by Hungarian architect, Antti Lovag.  He built this house full of windows facing the volcanic Côte d’Azur landscape and the beautiful Mediterranean.

3. Space House. Signal Mountain, Tennessee.

Space House

This space-age style home is tucked away in the hills of Tennessee.  Built by architect, Curtis King and his sons in the 1970′s, inspired by the science fiction movement of its time.  It is currently up for sale, with the owner stating that the price is, “whatever the public is willing to pay.”