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Fashion Forward Picks: My Top 15 Internet Finds!

I love that vintage fashion has been making a comeback. There is something so elegant about clean lines, embellished details, and classic patterns. I have always envied the people around me who appear so put-together, so "fusslessly."

Classic Fashion

As the seasons are changing, I feel inspired to post about some of my favorite online discoveries-- fashion forward, of course!  The best part about these is that they are affordable (but  look like they cost a small fortune!) Here are my Top 15 Picks.


1. Party Starter Dress. There is nothing more classic than polka dots and clean lines. Click the image for more details.

2. Care to Dance? Shoes. These take your classic saddle shoe to a whole new level. Click the image for more details.

3. Drama Club President Blouse in Mustard. Hepburn meets Pan Am. 

4. Camp Director Tote.  Clean lines. Timeless color. Laptop bag, maybe? Click the image for more details.

5. Hepcat Dress. There are no words to describe the joy this dress brings me. Click the image for more details.

6. Corner Coffee Shop Cardigan. Pure loveliness. Click the image for more details.

7. Proudly Posh Heel.  Anything peacock. Enough said. Click the image for more details.

8. Seams Like I Love It Tights. Classic seamed tights with an embellishment to love.Click the image for more details.

9. Me and Unique Top. The versatility of this blouse makes it a must-have, in my book. Click the image for more details.

10. Frolic in Fresno Flat. The perfect every day shoe. Click the image for more details.

11. Tabby Go Lucky Scarf. Everyone should own one right meow. Click the image for more details.

12. Academia Ahoy Blazer. There is nothing more classic than nautical style. Click the image for more details.

13. Pearls Just Wanna Have Fun Necklace. Get the fabulous antique look without scouring the flea market. Click the image for more details.

14. New Slack Swing Pants. The perfect tailored look. Click the image for more details.

15. Trolley Holiday Flat in Chestnut. A new twist on an old look. Click the image for more details.

Blast from the Past: 80's Nostalgia!

Last night, a group of friends and I got on a Youtube kick, watching Stephanie Tanner from the hit 80's show "Full House," and her amazing dance routines! I remember as a kid, thinking she was the cat's pajamas. I seriously idolized her-- watching these videos was so truly nostalgic of my childhood.


Seeing these sparked an interest in 80's nostalgia for the group of us, which led us to watching hours of 80's commercials. It is amazing how times have changed. This morning, I thought it was only necessary to continue rediscovering the great memories of my adolescence. 

Here are my top 20 80's nostalgia picks (in no particular order):

1. Popples! Who wouldn't wanna roll around in that basket? I mean really.

2. Teeny Little Super Guy. The best part of Sesame Street!

3. Pound Puppies. Came with an adoption certificate!

Pound Puppies.jpg

4. Squeez-it! Only the lucky ones had this in their lunchbox.

5. L.A. Gear. The more socks and laces you had, the more popular you would be.

L.A. Gear

6. Viewmaster. The perfect 3d escape!


7. Dancing Flower. I so proudy presented this in my bedroom decor!

Dancing Flower

8. Refillable Pencils. Worthless if you lost one of the lead refills!

Refillable Pencils

9. Cabbage Patch Kids. An 80's kid must-have. I remember writing on my sister's CPD's head when I was mad at her in permanent marker. haha!

Cabbage PatchKids.jpg

10. Lite Brite! Hours of fun. I might just have to get one of these for myself now.

Lite Brite!

11. Gloworm. The cuddliest night light.


12. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day. "I went to bed with gum in my mouth and now there's gum in my hair."

Alexander and the....jpg

13. Be Kind Please Rewind. The sticker future generations won't understand.

Be Kind

14. Speak and Spell. 80's Ipad.

Speak and Spell!

15. McDonald's Packaging. Before being "green" was "in."

McDonalds 80s

16. Iron Kids Bread. "The taste is really the best!"

Iron Kids Bread

17. Fashion! I'm pretty sure I had the outfit in the middle. 

80s fashion.jpg

18. 80's M&M's. Anyone else wonder what happened to the tan one?

M&Ms 80s

19. Rainbow Brite everything. This would have been my dream room.

Rainbow Brite.jpg

20. Kid Pix. Where my interior design passion began. On our Commodore-64 computer, I would design entire houses with this program! Who woulda thunk I'd end up as an Interior Designer now!

Kid Pix

As an ADDED BONUS--- I thought it was only appropriate to give you a glimse of my 80's mullet. Yes, people... I had a mullet. Thanks mom and dad! 

Andie Mullet.jpg


One of my favorite past-times is to just get in the car and go, with no plans, no direction, and only the anticipation of what the day may bring forth. One of my favorite discoveries during one of these spontaneous road trips was the little town of La Conner, Washington.


This old mill town, established during the Victorian era, sits quietly on a canal, with tree lined streets full of beautiful old houses that appear to have remained the same since their birth in the late 1800′s. I have always had a fascination with the Victorian time period, so naturally, being in this little time warped town had me frolicking around like a kid in a candy store.


La Conner has a population of around 1000, and the town itself only covers a span of about a mile. It is easy to park your car and see the entire town on foot within less than an hour. There are cafes and shops, and many quaint little restaurants on the canal.


Located West of I-5, about 40 minutes North of Seattle, the drive to La Conner is as gorgeous and scenic as it gets. In the Spring, you wind through miles of colorful tulip fields, and old farmhouses with authentic, rustic barns. In the fall, you see pumpkin patches, surrounded by orange and red leaves covering the tree-lined rolling hills.


One of my favorite discoveries in La Conner was a place called Nasty Jack’s Antiques. This little diamond in the rough is full of old collectibles, furniture, clothes, and magazines. Since I was already feeling like I had taken a time machine back to the Victorian era, I found it suitable to wander through many rooms full of Victorian items.


Far in the back, there was an old hutch full of old magazines, dating back to the 1800′s. “The Ladies Home Journal,” a popular women’s magazine (still today), was fascinating to flip through and read. Especially the advertisements for fashion and household products in the 1800′s.


I found and purchased old  ”Life” and “Family Circle” Magazines from each member of my family’s birth month and year. These magazines have been great conversation pieces at birthdays and have made great gifts.  Within them, there are ads for popular products and interiors. It amazes me how many of the fashion and interior design styles are back in full circle.


One little known fact about La Conner is that Tom Robbins, author of many award winning novels, including “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues,”  which was later made into a movie, currently resides there. His house is distinctly different from all of the traditional Victorian homes. He re-faced an old San Francisco Palladian style Victorian into something more quirky and playful like himself.


A typical home in La Conner- beautiful Victorian.


Tom Robbin's Playful Exterior.

There are many reasons to see La Conner, Washington. These are just a few of my favorite memories there. If you ever get the itch to step back in time, this would be a great place to try. You will feel the overwhelming historical energy, as though you’ve been there before.

OLD HOLLYWOOD: Stars in Candid Form

Okay, I will admit it. I sometimes find myself reading the latest, "US Weekly," or "People" magazine when in line at the grocery store. How they end up in my basket is beyond me!

Yesterday, I watched a documentary about Marilyn Monroe that was filled with old photos of her in candid form. This got me wondering what other stars from this era were like in their daily lives? So, I did my research and found my favorites.


Here Are My Top Ten Old Hollywood Candid Photos:

1. Betty Page.


2. Ella Fitzgerald and Marilyn Monroe.


3. Judy Garland.


4. Jackie Onassis.


5. Ingrid Bergman.


6. Lucille Ball.


7. Sophia Loren.


8. Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean.


9. Audrey Hepburn.


10. Patsy Cline.



We are all a little star-struck, fascinated by the jet-setting, luxurious lifestyles of the rich and famous. We can only imagine what it would be like to spend a day with our favorite musician and truly get to see their real personality off-stage. Some of us may have this opportunity at some point in our lives, but unfortunately most of us will not. But, here is a little peek into their pasts.

5 Celebrity Musicians: The Homes They Grew Up In 

1. Madonna. Currently she travels between her gorgeous homes in New York and London, but Madonna grew up in a modest, middle class home in Rochester Michigan. It was here that she was raised with her seven siblings, an all-American upbringing in a small town outside of Detroit. This four bedroom, two bath home is complete with a library and garage, and on 1.3 acres.You don’t  suppose that since we are living in a material world, is why Madonna had other plans for herself?


Image Source: Zillow Blog, Online

2. Elvis. The King of Rock and Roll spent the early years of his childhood in the small town of Tupelo, Mississippi in this small home, built by his father in 1935, with $180.00 that he had borrowed from his employer. It was a two bedroom flat, lit with just a single light in each room. The city of Tupelo purchased this home in 1957, and it is currently a museum that has been fully restored with period furniture. If you’re ever in the area, check it out!


 Image Source: Delsjourney, Online.

3. Michael Jackson. It is hard to believe that such a large family lived in such a small house. This little home in Gary, Indiana, was home to the Jackson children for most of their early childhood. Michael, born in 1959, was one of five children (hence the “Jackson Five”), and had a modest upbringing prior to fame. The town of Gary is an old mill town; quiet, with a small population. It is speculated that the Jackson children were raised by a “stage father,” who demanded they get their “Jackson Five” act perfected under any consequence.


Image Source: Flikr, Online. 

4. Johnny Cash. This small home in Dyess, Arkansas, is where Johnny and his siblings would reminisce about a happy childhood. His brother, Tommy recalled to a local radio station, “Mama was a great housekeeper, and she made it very homey for us.” Johnny was only three when they moved to this house that was situated on 20 acres of farmland. His family was relocated to the town of Dyess as a new start in an “Agricultural Resettlement Colony.” It is here that Johnny speaks about, in his songs about the Arkansas plains.


Image Source: WBUR Radio, Online.

5. Jimi Hendrix. The house that Jimi grew up in was on a neighborhood corner in the Seattle suburb of Renton, Washington. His father secured the home in 1950 with a $10.00 deposit, and it is where Jimi found his passion for music. He grew up there with his large family, who still to this day have fond memories of their childhood there.  Unfortunately in 2009, the home was demolished by investors based on complaints by neighbors that it was an “eyesore and had to be removed” from their neighborhood.


Image Source: The Guardian, Online


When looking at old paintings and photographs, I often find myself looking past the person or subject in the photo, and into the background with hopes of getting a glimpse of what life was like during the time the picture was taken. More specifically, what people’s homes looked like.


I love how in old impressionistic paintings, interiors reminiscent of times past can be seen. I love looking through old black and white Victorian photographs that are candid and not staged. From old paintings to photos, our interiors leave lasting impressions, whether they are intentionally captured or not.

Here Are My Top 5 Authentic Interior Captures from the Past:

1. Jean Alaux.  ”Louis Vincent Palliere in His Room at the Villa Medici.” This painting is of the artist’s room, while staying at a hotel in the early 1800′s. In looking at this painting, you can see that there are many interior trends from that era that are still popular today. What a great example of timeless design.


2. Old Dormroom Photo, 1915. I found this old photograph of a dorm room to be fascinating. These three women figured out a way to capture their image in the mirror, while still being able to showcase their proudly decorated gem at Brown University.


3. 1930′s Kitchen. This beautiful photograph of Lucille Ball is reminiscent of the fully-tiled, frilly curtained kitchens of its time. Even this famous actress knew her gender-stereotyped place in the home during this era!

lucille ball.jpg

4. 1950′s Tupperware Party. Party on, ladies! This photo shows what the classic tupperware get-together looked like in action. In the background, you can see the lovely wall sconces that were oh-so-fashionable, and the natural stone fireplace look that had taken the nation by design storm.


5. 1980′s Family Dinner. This image may not mean anything to you, but when you look into the background, it most likely would if you lived in the 80′s. No, that is not a flat screen t.v. above the fireplace. Back in the “olden days,” framed art went above your mantle. The beautiful vertical plastic blinds paired with the brass chandelier screamed 80′s decor, if you ask me.