Are you looking for a beautiful website designed in a matter of a couple of days? Have you always wanted to start a blog but were never sure how? Well, you've come to the right place. With a background in the Creative Arts, I have designed several businesses websites in a weekend- all with great SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and aesthetics to boot! If you are not tech savvy but would love to own a place online that you can share your blog or business, I can help you do that. 

For a competitive flat rate, I will design you an optimized, professional, and beautiful website! The only on-going fee is $12/month to host which doesn't go to me- it goes to the web hosting company. There is no catch. I will set it up so you can get into it, adjust your blog posts or other menus, and it will be user-friendly and ready for the world to see! For examples, click links (images) below.  You can pay me by Paypal upon completion. See my portfolio, below.

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